Good day and welcome to this episode of the MedicCast TV weekly commentary. I’m your host, Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and this week I have a special episode for you.

Open in iOS app storeI get one question in here at the MedicCast studios frequently. Can you recommend any medical or EMS apps for my mobile device? Well I have another one for you this week in this iOS and android EMS app review. I heard from Kirk over at and he asked if I would like to review a version of their EMS training and education apps. He sent me a copy of their Surgical Cricothyroidotomy app and I took a look.

Right away I was impressed with the interface including a clean and easy to navigate start-up screen.  There is an educational video segment with good graphics and animations to review the indications, procedures and complications of a surgical cric. The video was thorough but not to long, running about 8 minutes. After that was a training mode that engaged me using a combination of beautiful graphics and full integration with the best features of a touch screen interface. I got to cut the vertical incision with a fingertip and spread the incision with a thumb and forefinger in a fashion similar to a real cadaver practice session.

For those educators out there, the folks at also included the dreaded “select all that apply” category to engage the student to see if they mastered the material. They also included a screen requiring me to put all the steps in correct order to see if I had been paying attention during the earlier video segments. CECBEMS con-ed credit is coming soon as an in-app purchase but it is not available at this time. Overall I give this app a solid recommendation from the Podmedic. This app is available for both iTunes and Android mobile devices with more being released over the coming month. It’s currently priced at $2.99.

Medrills - Cricothyroidotomy - ArchieMD, Inc.

I’m Jamie Davis, the Podmedic. That’s the app review for this month. Stay tuned here at for all of the weekly commentary segments as well as the regular MedicCast episode studio video and please remember, Scene Safety, BSI.

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