Big high five for Ottawa EMS. This is a great article I picked up from the website. They reported that Ottawa paramedics had five cardiac arrest calls occur in 90 minutes recently. I don’t care where you’re from, that is a lot cardiac arrest calls to happen in a relatively small regional area.

Bystander CPR Key to Survival

The best part of this situation is it looks like of the three cardiac arrests that were witnessed, according to what I read, all had a return of pulse by the time they arrived at the hospital. This is thanks in large part to bystander CPR, coupled with some pretty darn good paramedics and EMTs on the streets.

I want to thank Ottawa for you. I is a great thing to publicize what you been doing in the course of your call volume each day. It’s a great way to point out what we can do and in a situation like this as a systemwide approach by having cardiac arrest survivors being treated in the field by bystanders, initially.

System Wide Approach to Cardiac Arrest

Because of bystander CPR, these paramedics were able to have return of circulation by the time they got back to the hospital. There is no information on whether these patients walked out of the hospital neurologically intact but based on the fact that immediate bystander CPR occurred, I think that is far more likely than it would have been had the case been otherwise.

In the case of the two other individuals in cardiac arrest mentioned in this article to have been found in cardiac arrest, they were not able to get a return of circulation on those patients. It also appeared there was no bystander CPR or the cardiac arrest was un-witnessed and there was an unknown down time. This article points out why making sure bystander CPR happens is something you focus on in your area.


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