So, how many of you have been attacked by patient or in some way assaulted by a patient while on the job? It happens far too frequently and we don’t get trained to defend ourselves. This is not about carrying a gun. We talked about that on last week’s episode where EMTs in South Africa were carrying firearms with them on the job. I am not recommending that.

Self Defense Classes for EMS Pros

However, some things you can learn how to do is to be able to escape and evade during a violent attack. That’s one of the things going on in Panama City Beach, Florida. The EMS providers down there together a class on self defense for EMS workers. Eighteen of them had all been assaulted on the job.

The district brought in somebody to teach them some escape and evasion measures for dealing with violent encounters. The program that was created by a former police officer, part-time paramedic from Missouri and he came into Panama City and actually was able to sit down and train these EMTs to better be prepared for a violent encounter.

Violence and Health Care Workers

It happens far too often. In fact according to research information from the federal government, healthcare workers are being assaulted 30 times more than police officers being assaulted at right healthcare workers are 30 times more likely to experience and are assaulted

We have to find a solution to this. We need that you operate safely. It’s why I say at the end of every episode, “Scene Safety, BSI.” I hope that you’ll take a look at this article. Maybe somebody’s taken this program with the guy from Missouri. Let me know and perhaps we can talk about in a future episode with the MedicCast audience. I urge you to take a look at this article now in the provided links in the show notes for this episode.


Get the links and other information from this news item in this week’s episode of the MedicCast – Atrial Flutter Reviewed and Episode 297.


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