Once in a while you find a gem of a product at conferences like EMS Today and I was very excited when I stumbled across the Sharps Terminator from Medical Safety Solutions, Inc. (www.SharpsTerminator.us) In this video I interview Dennis DeCiancio, Sr. while he demonstrates this small device that may eliminate the need for giant sharps container everywhere we work in the health care industry.

The Sharps Terminator works at the point of use to melt and sterilize the sharp end of a syringe or butterfly needle using battery operated electrical current and ultra-violet light. That’s right, I said MELT. In just 3 seconds, the needle is slagged and snipped off the plastic syringe barrel leaving plastic for the standard red bag and a tiny pile of melted metal and plastic that is inert and is as safe as an office paper clip.

This not only got our Product Innovator pick for the show but also won the same recognition from JEMS and EMS Today. I urge you, EMTs and paramedics in the field to check this device out and find out how you can equip your units with one today!

We here at the MedicCast and ProMed Network want to again thank JEMS.com and Elsevier for allowing us to come in and cover this trade show for our audience.

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A special thanks as well to BEARiatrics who have created a simple add-on to any cot to create a safe and secure ambulance transportation device. Find out more about the B.E.A.R. at BEARiatrics.com.

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