The opportunities presented when you attend an emergency medical services conference like EMS Today often include surprises like the resources you find out about that help you forward your career and skills. The U.S. Fire Academy run by FEMA is a resource for high level educational classes aimed at EMS professionals looking for ways to improve their management skills.

In this episode, host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic stops by the USFA booth and finds out more about the management level EMS courses offered by the federal government in support of EMS providers and managers. Topics offered this year include:

  • Emergency Medical Services: Incident Operations
  • Management of Emergency Medical Services
  • Emergency Medical Services: Special Operations
  • Advanced Safety Operations and Management
  • EMS: Quality Management
  • Advanced Leadership Issues in Emergency Medical Services
  • Advanced Safety Operations and Management
  • EMS: Incident Operations

Check out all of the resources at the U.S. Fire Academy website.

EMS Today is one of the top health and medical conferences out there and focuses on emergency care and emergency medical services. A special thank you to and Elsevier for inviting us to join them and cover the show in person.

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