MedicCast Episode 291

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Panel Discussion on Community Paramedicine

After a year and a half, I thought it was time for a progress update on community paramedicine programs. While at EMS Today 2012, I asked Anne Robinson (Caring Anne Consulting), Chris Montera (, and Gary Wingrove ( to join me and share recent milestones in the development of community paramedicine programs around the country and the world.

Anne, Chris and Gary talk about how programs are slowly moving forward as agencies, health care systems, and insurance companies slowly discover ways to pay for the programs. It is frustrating because the jurisdictions that are implementing these programs are seeing evidence of real cost savings for patient care and most importantly, better patient outcomes.

Recently, Anne and Chris visited with major Nursing Organization representatives to explain the program and how it interrelates with home health nursing programs in the same area if those programs exist for underserved populations. Ultimately, Gary points out that each system must develop their own version of community paramedic based on the unique needs of health systems in their areas.

The IRCP conference will be held in Vancouver, B.C. this year in June. You can find out how to register to attend for free at Also, follow up on the 2010 IRCP conference held in Vail, Colorado by checking out the segments MedicCast recorded there at

If you want to catch the first episode in the series, check out our initial segment on Community Paramedicine.


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