MedicCast Episode 290

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Interview with Code STEMI Creators

Code STEMI, the exciting new web series from’s Tom Bouthillet and Ted Setla from is one of the most powerful new programs on EMS, Cardiac Care, and the importance of systems improvement. The series goes into systems that are actively improving cardiac care through system-wide improvements and tells stories of cardiac survivors from the viewpoints of the patients, their families, and the caregivers along the way.

The first episode premiered at EMS Today 2012 in Baltimore a few weeks ago by special arrangement with Physio-Control to a standing room only crowd and the buzz after the episode finished was positive. Many expressed their excitement and anticipation for future episodes to be released every two weeks at

Check out this interview with both Tom and Ted as they chat with Jamie Davis, the Podmedic about the evolution of the program from start to the premier at EMS Today.

Watch the first episode of Code STEMI here.


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  1. […] Ted and Tom discuss the Code STEMI Web Series on the MedicCast from EMS Today 2012 (Video) Posted by Tom Bouthillet on January 10, 2012 • Filed under: ems-topics, patient-management • Tagged: Code STEMI Web TV Series […]

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