A Michigan call center has found a way to reduce response times by up to a minute through a technology they call “predictive deployment”. Using records of the thousands of calls they have received through the years, they were able to calculate where ambulances have to be deployed and where they are needed the most. Using the theory on human behavior of predictability when it comes to daily or routine tasks, they devised this system that they say actually works.

This strategy is actually simple and really makes sense when you think of it. If it is based from thousands of calls over the years, then it highly likely that one will be able to see a pattern. One factor I could think of is the population density of an area and the lifestyle of the people in that particular place. I think an urban area where life is fast-paced and the lifestyle is highly sedentary would be high in cases that are related to those factors as compared to a population in the country side where life is simple and less stressful.

I believe this type of predictive strategy can also be used as the seasons change. For instance during the summer, a lot of people will be outdoors doing summer or water activities so EMS can expect an increase of calls related to heat injuries and water injuries. So having an ambulance on standby in highly populated areas during the season would definitely make a difference as compared to being dispatched from a station during a call.

When they used this predictive system, there were skeptics at first but as they continued using it, they have seen the change in results were for the better. Kudos to the people involved in making this change and we hope to see more news like this in the future.


Original article from EMSWorld.com, Mich. Call Center Tries to Predict Run Locations


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One Response to New Strategy To Predict Run Scenes Reduce Response Times

  1. Justin says:

    This is reminiscent of the news about Target predicting teen pregnancies before they happened. http://www.santarosamom.com/forum/topics/target-predicts-teen-s-pregnancy

    Albeit, this type of predictive analysis is really for the benefit of victims as opposed to Target just trying to make a buck.

    Location analytics really is on everybody’s minds, though. Certain companies are using all of the data that is now at their fingertips to do things such as tracking the spread of disease:

    Nice thought provoking article!

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