MedicCast Episode 271

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Owning Up to Your Own Mistakes

Patient Endures High Temperature Inside Ambulance

Sun Exposure in Babies Could Mean Cancer in Later Life


Tip of the Week: EMS Documentation Types of Narratives

Documentation is an important part of care. This is where we put in what exactly occurred in a call, what we did for the patient, the patient’s response, their status upon endorsement and more. This is one of the legal documents that courts refer to in the event that something went wrong or complaints about care has been made. An accurate and professional documentation is the best protection a provider can have in such cases.

In this tip of week, the podmedic provides an overview of the different types in which a narrative documentation can be made.

Six Tricks You Can Use Today to Improve Your EMS Narrative Report

EMS Documentation – EMS Narrative Reporting – Paramedic – EMT – ReportPage

More on EMS Narrative Reporting


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