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Measuring Meds Properly

Stopping pediatric overdoses due to parental dosing errors is easier than you might think. Get in the habit of going over proper dosing tools and label reading with parents when you show up for a pediatric patient call. Are the parents dosing their children properly?

Here are a few questions you can ask of parents the next time you stop in to take care of their child.

  • What device are you using to measure the medicine?
  • Is the medicine appropriate for the age child you are giving it to?
  • Are you using pediatric medications that have been removed from the market for younger children?

Check this recent episode of the MedicCast to learn more about FDA and manufacturer changes regarding pediatric cough and cold medications for those patients under age 4.

Carry a Pediatric Dosing Spoon

A 99¢ plastic dosing spoon from your local pharmacy is one of the easiest tools to use but many parents still fall back to the flatware spoons in their kitchen, thinking that they are accurate measurements of correct dose.  In fact there is no standardization at all for kitchen flatware soup or desert spoons.

Next time you visit, if the parents don’t have one of these dosing spoons, drop off yours for them to use. It’s a 99¢ prevention tool that will save a child from illness or even death (and you from an extra run that could have been prevented).

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