Congratulations to Rick Russotti on his upcoming 200th episode of the Mitigation Journal podcast! I’m proud to say that I helped to get him started and he has created an amazing program on preparedness for emergency and health pros at all levels!

Rick started his podcasting career on the MedicCast in an interview with Jamie Davis, the Podmedic about National Incident Management System (NIMS). He then decided that there needed to be a show focused on general preparedness issues for all responders from EMS to the hospital to public health. The Mitigation Journal was born.

Since then, Rick has covered topics surrounding terrorist threats, natural disasters, threat assessment, general EMS training, line of duty deaths, critical incident stress and much, much more. The list of guests and collaborators includes some the best and brightest in the field of emergency management today.

Professionally, Rick has progressed from a training officer to a battalion chief and after his retirement from the Rochester Fire service, began training as an RN. Rick is the consummate professional in everything he does and all of the EMS and health podcasters are proud to be associated with him. The entire community is looking forward to the next 200 shows from the king of preparedness awareness, Rick Russotti!

Check out the Mitigation Journal via iTunes or at

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