This is a touching article and I periodically bring these out. If you’ve been a long-time listener, you know I’ve covered these types of things before. Ambulance services around the world are very different. I know I have some listeners in Israel and in Middle East and different areas and also of course all around the world in many many countries but everybody does things a little bit differently and a lot of our listeners are here in the United States and I think everybody does it the same way we do. That’s not the case and we face a lot of hurdles and problems that we don’t face just to get into their everyday job.

This is a great article I found and it’s about the ambulance service in and around Jerusalem who are providing services to everybody that needs it. They don’t just provide services to Jewish citizens or one group of people and not another. They pick up everybody and on the way to getting people, they undergo rock throwing attacks, the ones that go into extremely contested areas are dealing with having bullet proof and armored ambulances but this is something that doesn’t always occur to me because when I talk about scene safety BSI at the end of an episode, I’m not talking about necessarily dodging rocks being thrown by bystanders and Molotov cocktails and road side bombs and yet their ambulance services- these are people that are through no fault of their own are out there providing a valuable service to their community and they are being harassed by the community members. In some cases by the very people they are there to pick up so kudos to them.

I urge you to read this article. It really just brings home a different aspect of EMS care and I always have so much respect for people that are just working some adverse conditions and we all face different things in the line of our work but you might want to check this article out and think about how you have it and as we come into this Thanksgiving week here in the United States, those of you that are listeners here in the US, you can think about that you’re thankful that you don’t have to deal with some of these issues in your ambulance service. At least most of us don’t, I guess some of the more contested intercity areas here in the US might face some unusual and dangerous situations but I don’t think that the regular abuse that is seen by these ambulances and EMS providers is anything to be compared to what we see here in the States. I just wanted to put that out there and check that article out in the shownotes as well but keep in mind that there are a lot of people doing a lot of different things and we all have the same patients in the end. We all end up just trying to help our patients as best we can and our goals are the same but sometimes we have to deal and go through different things to get those jobs and attain those goals.


This article has been featured in the news segment of the MedicCast podcast episode Antipsychotic Medication Review for EMS and Episode 246

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