MedicCast Episode 243

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Interview with Tom Bouthillet

In this episode, the podmedic Jamie Davis does an interview with Tom Bouthillet of the Prehospital 12-Lead ECG blog and they talk about the different changes in prehospital management particularly CPR, cardiac care, and some EMS protocols.

This conversation happened after our chat with Dr. Monica Kleinman from the American Heart Association’s Emergency Cardiovascular Care Committee. Listen to that interview with Dr. Kleinman on the ECC 2010 Updates here.

Specifically, Tom and Jamie discuss ways EMTs and paramedics can begin to implement the spirit of the ECC 2010 guideline changes and what might better be called “reinforcement.” The two also talk about the challenges associated with tracking and planning for success as an EMS professional when dealling with sudden cardiac arrest in each community.

Whether your emergency medical services system is large or small, it is imperative to track your numbers for sudden cardiac arrest patients. Only by tracking and following your efforts can you begin to find areas in which you can improve your patient outcomes. Tom Bouthillet particularly likes the Choreographed approach to cardiac arrest management which he thinks is more like a NASCAR Pit Crew than a dance troupe.

When every team member knows what they are doing and how they are to interact with the rest of the team, each EMT and paramedic can effectively work towards giving that patient the best chance for survival.

Emergency Cardiovascular Care 2010 Update Resources

Prehospital 12-Lead ECG Blog


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