Watch the video recording of this week’s MedicCast episode with host Jamie Davis, the Podmedic in the podcast studio at MedicCast Productions, LLC.

Check out all of the links for this Episode 225 at the podcast shownotes page for the pediatric poisoning review episode.

Find more MedicCast episode videos and the weekly short commentary segments at MedicCast.TV

This week’s song of the week is David Homyk with “Summer State of Mind” find more great music at Meevio’s Podsafe Music site.


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One Response to Pediatric Poisoning Review Episode Studio Video Segment

  1. stephan deguise says:

    hey jamie was nice to ear from my email on the actual show , just to keep you posted on the development , im at the point of getting suronded by passionated medic like me and you and other . as far as the translating part im steal thinking it over because it will be a real job 225 episodes lol ! but im tring to listen to all of them ASAP , hope you got time to see my two or tree links i dont remember if it is 2 or tree . i have also look at the tips to start a podcast it is realy well done ( a lilte to complicated for me up to now because i havent try it out ) and to simplefy you can call me steven im use to it take care and i will keep you posted

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