MedicCast Episode 219

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Tip This Week — Self-Defense for EMS and work related violence

Last Tuesday night’s MedicCast live discussion was truly a blast as host Jamie Davis, the podmedic,was joined by esteemed guests from an international organization, ISR Matrix and EMS blogger Tim Noonan, the rogue medic.

Among the fellows from ISR Matrix is founder and president of the organization, and vice-president of Straight Blast Gym International and among the first group of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in the US.

Dave Pauli is the ISR Matrix International Australian representative, commenced his career in the Australian Defence Force in reconnaissance, force protection, leadership and instructional roles. Over the past 17 years he served in various roles including diplomatic protection, intelligence, riot squad, emergency response team, operational safety training and project management.

Fletch Fuller is currently the Vice President and Director of Law Enforcement Training for the I.S.R. Matrix. His training and experience include 14 years as a sworn Law Enforcement Officer for a large South Florida Law Enforcement agency working in such capacities as Patrol Supervisor, Street Gang Investigator, High Liability Training Coordinator and SWAT Team Member. He presently owns and operates Naples Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and teaches Martial Arts and Self Defense to citizens of his community in South Florida.

In this interactive discussion, certain issues surrounding workplace violence for EMS providers will be tackled like unreported incidents and statistics, what providers can do to avoid such situations, what to do if paramedics recognize signs of hostility from a patient, if its necessary for providers to learn self-defense techniques,what to do and how to handle such situations, and more.

For more facts and information on workplace violence in the field of health care, follow the links below.

US Dept. of Labor Guidelines for Preventing Workplace Violence for Health Workers

NIOSH Article on Occupational Violence

NIOSH Publication on Workplace Violence

ISR Matrix Website

ANA Article on Workplace Violence in Health Care


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