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Tip This Week — EMS 12 Lead ECGs

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure (and honor) to have 3 esteemed guests on the show.

Tim Phalen, one of the premier 12 lead educators in the field, Tom Bouthillet from the Prehospital 12 Lead ECG blog, and Angel Burba from Howard Community College all joined me on the show to discuss 12 lead ecg’s.  We talked about some of the common missteps and educational hurdles that providers see when learning or expanding on their knowledge of them.

Tim brought up the very important point that we should never just take A 12 LEAD. The importance of trending the patient means that we should be taking multiple 12 leads to watch for changes in perfusion, ischemia, and progression of MI in a STEMI patient.

Tom Bouthillet pointed out that ignoring axis determination removed a very important tool from our 12 lead interpretation skill set.  He sees this all too often in the providers he talks with both in person and via his blog.

Angel Burba answered questions about how 12 lead is taught to new paramedics and some of the challenges she and other educators see with teaching 12 leads to new providers. She stressed that one issue is to show where the 12 lead ecg falls along the patient assessment and care process.

Tim Phalen at ECG Solutions

Tom Bouthillet from the Prehospital 12 Lead ECG blog

Angel Burba from Howard Community College


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