Back in May, we had Dr. Ginger Campbell on the MedicCast to discuss online EMT and paramedic medical consults on the show.  We discussed some general problems with providing either too much or too little information for the ER docs at the other end of the line.

ejectionworking_smListener Florian from Western Australia sent in this email comment and tip for the rest of us and a new mnemonic device to help us out during our patient transports.  Paramedics and EMTs need to “paint a picture” for the receiving hospital of what we have and what to expect when we arrive.

Thanks, Flo, for the great tip!


After studying big time for the past 13 weeks, I’m now on the road as an ambulance officer (hooray!) in Perth, Western Australia.
A Big THANK YOU towards you and the MedicCast for providing a tonne of information over the past 18 months directly to my eyes and ears, helping me get through my studies and preparing me for the job.

I’ve just caught up to the latest episodes again, and whilst listening to the Mediccast Live about handovers I wanted to share the procedure we use here in WA, which is called DeMIST:

Patch Call to Hospital (DeMIST)

Details: Sex, Approximate Age, Chief Complaint – medical or trauma (max 10 words)

Mechanism (Trauma only)

Injuries: brief (Trauma only)

Signs/Symptoms & Observations:

  • Conscious state: responds to Command/Pain/Unresponsive
  • Pulse
  • BP
  • Resps
  • Other important Information
  • ETA!!!

Treatment given: main points (especially drugs)


More Tips for EMS Students

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One Response to Tips for EMT and Paramedic Online Medical Control Consults

  1. Jerry says:

    This was a great reminder of what to do in the basics of our everyday profession. I teach my students this and having a nice basic format to follow helps in the stressful ‘Priority Call\ when you need to get all the valuable information in a short burst.
    I also teach this in all my Advanced First Aid classes so that they can do the same….valuble information that is ofetn overlooked!

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