Podmedic400X300.jpgTime to announce this year’s EMS product innovators of the year for 2009.  Every year, I go to the EMS Today Expo hall and look around for new or recently new products that are real innovators in the way they provide a service or do a job for the EMTs and paramedics on the street.

How I Find the Product Winners

I walk around and look at all of the products, sometimes wondering what they were thinking, other times I’m amazed that no one had thought of the idea before.  Either way, I always come away with an appreciation of what amazing innovators and inventors the EMS community can be from the newest EMT-Basic all the way up to the physicians who support us in the hospitals.

This year, I found two products that offered innovative or ground breaking solutions to a set of problems faced by the EMT on the street.  One is a piece of equipment to help treat our patients safely and effectively.  The other is an indispensable solution for the emergency medical services provider’s own safety.

The Turley Backboard Pad

turley-logoThe name says it all and yet doesn’t quite do justice to the many ways this tool can help you treat your patients who must be placed on a backboard for treatment of their injuries or condition.  The Turley backboard pad is a gel pad that provides a padding solution for the patient’s pressure points (shoulder blades, hips, sacrum, heels).

Made of an FDA approved material safely in use already in operating rooms, the gel pads work like the gel inserts you might place in your shoe.  The pad is 1/2″ thick and provides good basic support although you may still have to pad voids in some patients.  Since backboarded patients can sometimes spend hours on a long board before they are removed, the gel pads provide a necessary preventative tool to protect against skin breakdown and formation of pressure sores.

If that were the only use for the Turley Backboard Pad, that would be useful enough however the Turley pads can also be heated to assist with hypothermic patients and can also be cooled to provide for therapeutic hypothermia treatments in cardiac arrest patients.  One pad underneath the patient and one on top will help to cool the patient without impeding treatement or CPR.

Designed by paramedic Amy Turley, the Turley Backboard pad is one of the “MedicCast Product Innovators of the Year” for 2009.  For more information click on the logo in this post or go to TurleyBackboardPad.com for more information and ordering info.

MyClyns Personal Antimicrobial Spray

Next up is the MyClyns Antimicrobial Spray.  The MyClyns Spray is an adjunct to the post exposure cleaning and containment process that was built just to serve field providers who are not sufficiently close to a cleanup source to begin decontamination.

Let me paint a picture for you.  You’re in the field and a patient’s arterial bleed catches you in the eyes before you can done eye protection.  Your service’s exposure control plan doesn’t help you much until you get back into station but it sure would be nice to start the clean up process right there on the scene.

MyClyns spray is the size of a large pocket pen, and is easily carried with you in a pocket or fanny pack.  Pop off the cap and use the pump spray right on the face, eyes, mouth, or even an open wound!  The spray contains antimicrobial solution that kills or inhibits the growth of a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including influenza, HIV, MRSA and C-Diff.

This doesn’t take the place of proper clean-up or decontamination once you are back in station nor does it supplant the need for post exposure testing and treatment by a physician, it merely provides an immediate protective measure against a bloodborne or fluid exposure and subsequently some additional peace of mind.

Find out more about MyClyns and where you can purchase it at MyClyns.com or by clicking the logo above.  Watch a video of MyClyns in action here.

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