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This Month’s MedicCast Live Show on EMS Humor (part 2)

Listen to Part 1 of this live show here.

In this section as we look at part two of the two part series on EMS Humor, I wanted to include some of the great abreviations and acronyms that people in the live chat room were throwing out there for everyone to laugh at.  While these are all very amusing, I think we should all be aware that they are not to be used in acutal patient documentation.

What, you think these things come out of mid air?  They don’t, I promise you a number of the following were included by some provider who thought he or she’d be cute in their report about a particularly humorous or strange call.

EMS Humor and Acronyms:

  • Obese Patients: horizontally gifted, gravitationally gifted, Touched by an Angel..foodcake.
  • Deceased Patients: FDSTW (Found Dead, Stayed That Way), ART – Assuming room temperature, NLPR – No Longer Playing Records, BART – Body Assuming Room Temperature, CC – Cancel Christmas, Q signer (dead guy with tongue hanging out
  • Critical Patients: ABC – Airway, Bury ’em, Call the florist (If you don’t do the first, you WILL be doing the other two), PBAB – Pine Box At Bedside, PBS – Pretty Bad Shape, PCL – Pre Code Looking, TBC – Total Body Crunch, Smurf–cyanotic pt
  • Psych and Drug Patients: pharmaceutically gifted — high, BMW – B****, Moan, Whine, CCFCCP – Coo Coo For Cocoa Puffs, TLC – Thorazine, Lorazepam, Compazine,
  • Assorted Other EMS Funnies: ABC – Airway, Billing, Collections, PUD–pooper,urinator, deficator; LOLFDGB – Little Old Lady Fall Down Go Boom, OMG squad- the people who just stand there doing nothing, CATS – Cut All To S***, EMS = Earn Money Sleeping, PEFY – Pre Extricated For You (ejected MVA patient), incarceritis- just as someone is about to go to jail, they start to have symptoms
  • EMS Humor Site: (Caution, may be innapropriate or crude humor inside)

Special Thanks to:

  • Greg Friese from
  • EMTDan
  • Renee
  • Kenny from Colorado
  • UltraDad (Canadian FF/FR)

Some More Funny Links:

YouTube Link on Trailer Rollover

More YouTube Videos

And one more YouTube Video

Renee’s Stolen Backboard Link


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Matthew Ebel - Goodbye Planet Earth - Lost My Way

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2 Responses to EMS Humor Live Show (Part 2) and Episode 157

  1. Eddie says:

    That was an awesome show Jamie. Gotta be some of the best live radio (internet or otherwise) I’ve heard in a while.

    *Mimics whale call*

  2. […] (Check out part 2 here) The MedicCast Live this month looked at EMS humor and invited the live audience to share their favorite funny EMS stories with the rest of us. The chatroom was very active with lots of great YouTube links being swapped and other funny sayings and phrases being traded around. […]

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