Listener Greg added his comment to my call for funny EMS stories.  I need more for February’s MedicCast Live on Humor in EMS.  I know there are a lot of EMTs and paramedics out there with a funny story to relate to the MedicCast podcast community.  Looking forward to hearing and reading a lot more soon!

Add your stories to the comments here.

After having trained both members of the general public and emergency first responders in the various continually changing intricacies of resuscitation over the last 30 years I have seen and heard some strange stories. I’ve also learned to be very specific when training and not to presume that common sense is common.
The one that sticks in my mind is the story of the spritely old lady who decided to do a first aid course including CPR “because she thought she should know something about it at 75 years of age”.

The resuscitation manikins that we were using required the insertion of individually issued plastic bags which were inserted into a hole under the face mask to simulate the lungs and of course to facilitate protection against the risk of cross infection.

It was assessment day and the instructor, being satisfied that he had successfully expounded his knowledge of all things first aid, thought he would just check before the assessment to see if there were any specific questions.
He asked the class “Are there any questions before we commence the assessment?

75 year old Ethel raised her hand and said
“Yes Mr Smith, where can I buy the plastic bags once we’re finished the training?”

The Instructor said “What plasic bags are you referring to Ethel?”

Ethel inocently replied ” The plastic bags we stick down their throat before we start blowing into them!!”

The Instructor was flabbergasted and began to wonder if he should start the training all over again but calmly explained the differences between training manikins and the real patients.

From Listener Greg —

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  1. Greg Adams says:

    What goes around – Comes around!!

    In the state of New South Wales Australia, all Workplace legislation is policed by a government department called WorkCover, who have extensive powers in relation to those workplace laws.

    It is mandatory that Emergency Personnel (police , ambulance, fire, tow truck & road maintenence) whilst performing their workplace duties on a public road must wear reflective vests, that is Hi Vis.

    There was a story circulating recently that a WorkCover Inspector was pulled over by an off- duty Police Officer on his way to work, supposedly for a minor vehecular infringement.

    The Police Officer produced his badge and then issued the guy with a $220 fine and was about to return to his vehicle when the WorkCover Inspector showed him his identification and said, “Hang on a bit officer, do know it is a breach of Occupational Health & Safety Law for you to be out of your vehicle on this roadway without your reflective vest”. The red face police officer, who was not wearing his vest at the time he had issued the fine, then recieved an infringement notice for almost twice as much as the $220 infringement notice he had issued to the WorkCover Inspector. I would call that “snap”.

    As I said it is a story circulating – but if it really did happen – it would have been fun to watch!!

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