Our resident tactical medic expert and long term friend of the MedicCast sends us photos of new equipment he is using in his work as a Paramedic in some pretty remote areas of Australia. You can hear Jerry on his experiences in tactical EMS and military medicine at the episode link below.

Tactical EMS on the MedicCast Live.

Here is the pic of his latest toy, a new Toyota V8 Ambulance.  Jerry reminds us that he is 200 kilometers from the nearest trauma center where he is situated and always likes to have his gear close at hand. I must say that it looks as if that ambulance will get him just about anywhere he needs to go!

Thanks Jerry!

I asked Jerry to post this and his other equipment pics for the members of the MedicCast community over at the MedicCast Forums!

Forums.MedicCast.com is a one stop location to share what you are doing with other listeners. You can post photos and videos there. You can ask questions of the other EMTs, paramedics and EMS students from around the world. It is a great way to share the MedicCast with other listeners and beyond.

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