EMTs and Paramedics of the MedicCast on a Holiday Break

All of us here at the MedicCast are still on a much needed holiday break. The MedicCast will be back again next week with a new episode for EMTs and paramedics to kick off the new year. In the mean time, I have gone back an looked at the episodes from the past year and selected my favorites and created a top 5 list for you to go back and check out.

If you remember them, take some time to listen again. If you are a new subscriber and listener to the show, you will not want to miss these segments of the 2008 MedicCast season.

Mass Gathering and Special Event EMS (Episode 140)

Medical Terminology Review, Terbutaline (Episode 133)

Medication Administration and BLS Epinephrine (Episode 127)

MedicCast Live on Education, Study Tips, and Test Preparation

Burn Doc Interview (Episode 105)

Pick Your Own Favorites!

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Join us again for our first episode in 2009 on Sunday evening, January 5th.

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