Learning the concepts of shock can be a challenge for new students and even long time providers need reviews to sharpen their assessment and diagnosis skills.

The problem was that there was no easy to use resource that taught the basics of shock. What was needed was a system that provided a simple way to make the processes of shock easier to understand and help EMS providers like EMTs and Paramedics recognize and rapidly treat shock in their patients.

The MedicCast EMS Podcast has taken the three years of experience providing weekly programming to EMS providers and students and created a new DVD video series called “EMS Shock Simplified.”

After about two months of work and a release of individual segments throughout October on the MedicCast Extra site, the brand new MedicCast Shock Simplified DVD is now available.  The DVD features almost a full hour on the basic concepts of shock, as well as featured sections on the three major types of shock.

The EMS Shock Simplified DVD covers:shock_simplified_storecover_sm.jpg

  • EMS Shock Overview
  • Hypovolemic Shock
  • Cardiogenic Shock
  • Distributive Shock

plus, the DVD-ROM section of the disc contains:

  • powerpoint file of the whole program for instructors
  • student handout pdfs
  • complete slideshow of the presentation
  • portable video files of each segment formatted for portable players

Get the Shock Simplified DVD from the MedicCast at the MedicCast store now and pick up the NREMT skills CDs for BLS or ALS students, MedicCast T-shirts, and MedicCast polycarbonate water bottles.

Visit Store.MedicCast.com now!

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