emsambo_sm.jpgDuring October’s MedicCast Live, a few guests mentioned some pet terms for types of injuries and emergency calls.  I thought about it and realized that we all come up with our own funny terms and phrases (many just for use around the break room).

EMTs and paramedics along with other medical professionals come up with work related pet terms for certain kinds of patients. What are some of the ones you and your friends use?  Here are some that I have come up with:

  • Frequent Flyer (ok this is easy but people outside of EMS won’t know what you are talking about)
  • DFO (done fell out)
  • YouTuber (teens doing stupid things)
  • Camper Divers (from Craig Corey on NASCAR fans who fall off their campers while drinking)
  • Yard Sale (from Kelly Fujikawa on ski accidents who land hard enough to scatter their belongings over the slope)
  • Weebles (walking drunks – they wobble but they don’t fall down)

Challenge for the EMS Haiku blog

I have a challenge for my friend, Eric over at EMSHaiku.com.  Can he write a couple of Haikus for us using EMS pet phrases for the entire thing?

Well, Eric, the pen is in your court!

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3 Responses to EMS Humor and Names for Our Patients

  1. RevMedic says:

    How’s this one for a starter?

    Those Urban Campers
    Gomer this and Gomer that
    Frequent Flyers, all


  2. podmedic says:

    Well done, Eric! I knew you would come up with something pretty fast. I wonder if any of the other MedicCast blog readers would like to take a stab at this one?

    Jamie Davis, the Podmedic

  3. RevMedic says:

    Here’s some original Haiku, Jamie:

    Hey, watch this! he said
    You Tubers keep us going
    And restocking splints

    Call me SOB?
    I’d kick your ass now if not
    Tied down with this mask

    RLS for the
    DRT. No ALS
    Cuz CPR sucks

    And some re-treads:

    Start your day with a
    DOA, Doo Dah, Doo Dah
    Oh, Da Doo Dah Day

    Responding daily
    Head out again to save the
    Morbidly Obtuse

    A Code Brown Patient
    My partner steps in it twice
    His name? Who Flung Poo…

    The black clouds gather
    Around the latest holder
    Of the ‘shit magnet’

    BAC higher
    than her IQ, luxury
    cars attack! Bone drill

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