The summer hiatus is over and it’s time to start up the MedicCast Live segments again. It becomes so hard to schedule guests over the summer months because of vacation schedules that the MedicCast Live goes away over the summer months, but it’s back and will be featuring one of the MedicCast Listener’s favorite guests, Lisa Booze from Maryland Poison Control, along with our regular cohort of EMS podcasters and bloggers to chime in.

Next month, on Tuesday, September 9th at 10PM ET, Lisa will be my guest on the MedicCast Live.  September’s show will focus on poisonings, overdoses and using the resources of the poison control centers around the world to help medical personnel provider emergency care in the field.

The live call-in show will be hosted by which provides you the opportunity to listen online, type in the chat room, or call in live by phone to the show.

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