xray_news.jpgFirst of all — OUCH!!!

Check out this article over at EMSresponder.com.  While running from police officers, a Philadelphia man miscalculated while climbing over a fence and ended up getting impaled on a wrought iron fence. There is some discussion over whether the man slipped or was pulled down onto the fence by pursuing officers.

For our purposes here the injury gels very well with the recent episode of the MedicCast on Mechanism of Injury.  When you are presented with an unusual situation like this one, you need to dig into your knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body to make sure that the rescue effort doesn’t cause more damage than the injury.

Here are  a few of the things you need to have lined up with this rescue effort:

  • Pain management to limit patient movement
  • Sedation may be necessary
  • Calling in a hospital surgical team if available
  • Stabilizing the fence
  • Stabilizing the patient
  • Transport destination and mode of transport (air, ground)

What else can you think of  that I haven’t?

Add your comments below or shoot me an email and I’ll talk about it on the MedicCast Podcast in a future episode.

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