Last night, we had a great discussion about new EMS products on the MedicCast Live!

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I want to thank our EMS panelists:

Rick Russotti from the Mitigation Journal Podcast

Jim Hoffman from

Also, our special guests from the product arena:

Dr. Craig Corey, inventor of the Oxyphone one of our featured 2008 Innovators in EMS

Kevin Gallagher of Serenity Safety Products, creators of the Guardian Safety Seat and another of our 2008 Innovators in EMS finalists


Some of the other products we discussed on the show:

Wantynu Oxygen Wrenches

Monster Medic Cots

Glidescope Ranger Laryngoscope

Bloodstick Blood Collection Assist Device

Check these products out and let us know what you think of them or add your own products to the discussion here at the MedicCast. What do you think is the best new EMS product out there?

Join us again in June for the next MedicCast Live, Tuesday June 10th at 10 PM ET for our unique MedicCast look at documentation. Why do some people think of it as a four letter word!

And — Tomorrow night, Thursday May 15th at 10:30 PM ET visit and listen in live while we interview an expert on Tactical Medics from Australia. You can chat live and add your questions to the mix.


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2 Responses to MedicCast Live on New EMS Products

  1. vitamineddie says:

    Excellent show.

  2. RevMedic says:

    Damn – I wish I had listened in. I worked with Kevin in Alaska. Glad to see he’s still around. I’ll be sure to get involved soon, Jamie.

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