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Controlling Blood Pressure in Winter

AEDs Banned in FAA Control Centers

CPR plus AED equals Increased Survial Rates

Energy Drinks and Blood Pressure


Tip/Trick of the Week — Anemia

National Heart Lung and Blood Institute on Anemia


Med of the Week — Iron Supplements and Toxicity

Listener Kelli’s Iron Deficiency Link

EMSResponder on Iron and Toxicity in the Field

eMedicine.com on Iron Toxicity


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One Response to Anemia, Iron Toxicity, and Episode 92

  1. Chris B. says:

    Hey Jamie,

    Great show, as usual, but you left out one kind of anemia. If we don’t watch our fluid boluses and stick to the rule of 20ml/kg fluid resusitation you can easily put a patient into what is termed as reletive anemia. I’ve seen medics flood patients with loads of fluid and cause cases of reletive anemia many times. The patients usually cope well, but when labs are drawn their Hct/Hgb lvls are off because it is drawn after you have loaded the patient’s vascular system with fluids.

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