I am always concerned about the numbers of teens I see every day smoking cigarettes and don’t get me started on the numbers of health care workers that smoke.  I never understand why, in the face of all of the evidence of harm presented to the public, that people start smoking or continue smoking.  I understand the addiction thing to a certain extent but a recent study I found over at Medical New Today has shed some new light on the power of nicotine to addict a person.

The study states that just one dose of nicotine begins the addiction process with 10 percent of those who smoke for the first time becoming addicted within the first two days.  By the end of the first month, the number rises to 25 percent.  This effect is evident even when only “occassional use” occurs (4 or 5 cigarrettes per month).  Spread this around and check out the whole study report here for more information.  We need to be health advocates and educators in our communities and in our own station houses!

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