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A podcast for EMT’s, Paramedics, and other medical providers of all kinds.


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Link of the Week: A Study of First Responders and Pandemic Response

A number of studies have been done asking if first-responders (EMS/firefighters/hospital workers) will come to work or remain on duty during a pandemic. Distribution of this survey will be a collaborative effort among several bloggers and podcasters.

You may find links to this survey on numerous sites. In order to maintain accuracy, we ask that the survey be completed once per person.

Effects of Pandemic Situation on First Responder Staffing

Find the survey here:

Pandemic Survey



Woman Dies in L.A. ER

‘Per Diem’ Paramedics

Flight Ambulance Rules Tighten

Autism vs. Vaccines


Tip/Trick of the Week — Autistic Patients

Autism Society Site


Med of the Week — Thimerosal

FDA on Thimerosal and Vaccines


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