The latest episode of the MedicCast Live, recorded over at, is now available.

You can right click here to download or click the arrow to the left to listen right now.

I want to thank the following guests:

Peter Canning of the Streetwatch: Notes of a Paramedic Blog

Peter’s current preceptee Tamara

Rick Russotti of the Mitigation Journal Podcast

Wyth Claborn of the I Heart EMS Blog

Chance of the We Got A Bleeder Blog

and Chris Black at Lil Black Web

Check out the show and plan to listen and comment live on the next installment, coming up on Tuesday, July 10, 2007 at 10 PM ET, where we’ll be discussing the importance of setting up team leadership when running any priority one situation in the field. This includes primarily cardiac arrests but also includes major traumas and any patient in a state of severe distress. Check out the show live and add your input.


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3 Responses to MedicCast Live on Precepting in EMS

  1. Chance says:


  2. Chris B. says:

    Another hit!! I think that we should have more of these kinds of discussions. Preceptorship has been basically the same for years now (at least in my area). It’s time to bring a new aspect into the whole process. Our country is about to face a real problem. The number of paramedics working today is declining and emt’s entering medic school is really declining. The major reason is the pay, but the second most important reason for the decline is because of the rate at which students are failing. Those students willing to stick it out and actually learn our practice should get the best instruction possable.

  3. Chris B. says:

    I forgot to add a little ditty that one of our basic’s down here coined a couple of weeks ago so here you go. “Paramedic, so easy a caveman can do it!”

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