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Child Flu Deaths


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2 Responses to Influenza, Flu Vaccines, and Episode 54

  1. Chris B. says:

    The realistic manequin that you mentioned is apparently like the one that AirEvac uses to train their people. There is an AirEvac base next to our station and some of our folks also work for AE. They were awed when they first saw the thing. Their base paramedic supervisor said that it actually has computer controled breath sounds and heart tones. I understand that the airway can be obstructed with food and just about anything else. It can be made to vomit, aspirate, simulate a pneumo, and even sit up. He said that the pupils even react to light and can be made to simulate a bleed(unequal). I would love the chance to use one.

  2. Amelia Waxman says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I’ve recently come accross your podcast, and would definately put myself in the first time listener cohort!

    A little about me… I’m an Aussie, and a Paramedic Student with one more year of Study to go.

    I was interetsed in what you were saying in relation to the Simulation Dummies…
    We have (at uni (Monash Uni) 3 SIMMan ‘s They are provided by Laerdal and are just fantatsic!

    You can set up (via a remaote) BP, ECG, HR, RR, Anaphylaxis, Cannulation, vomiting, coughing, breath sounds, heart sounds, pain(in certain area’s) and you can also program the maniquin to change rhythms etc after so many minuets…

    You were also speaking about conferences that are coming up. I know I’m in Australia, but we have our Annual Australian College of Ambulance Paramedics (ACAP) Conference later in September this year – Here’s a link http://www.acap.org.au
    One of the main events this year is a patient simulation competition. Allowing teams from anywhere (It’s an international conference this year) to compete against each other in simulations. They have both a qualified comp, and a student comp! Thought you may be interetsed!

    I’m happy to answer any questions you might have… and I’m enjoying your podcasts!

    Have fun… wear a smile


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