Welcome to Episode 47 — Happy New Year!

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Veggie Nitrates

Sepsis ID Device (nanotech)


Tip/Trick of the Week — Sepsis

eMedicine on Sepsis

MedicCast Antibiotics Episode 32


Med of the Week — Dopamine

Ghetto Medic on Dopamine


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3 Responses to Sepsis, Dopamine, and Episode 47

  1. […] In this week’s show I talked about some other nanotech advances that I thought were pretty new on the scene. Dan corrected me (thanks). Some of this rapid lab processing has been around for a few years but has failed to pan out due to some FDA rules regarding their applicability for use in the field. […]

  2. Jeff says:

    I see a LOT of sepsis were I am at because of the amount of nursing homes in the area. Here it is a VERY common problem because of poor care that these poor patients are receiving in their situation. Most of the other medics and myself have gotten to the point that we can just look at someone and realize they are septic. It’s just that common.

  3. podmedic says:

    Sepsis is pretty easy to diagnose, I agree. The real issue is septic with which organism? With so many resistant strains floating around, it’s important to hit it with the right antibiotic as early as possible.

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