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A podcast for EMT’s, Paramedics, and other medical providers of all kinds.

Remember our comrades who are serving or have served in the military this Memorial Day!

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My review of AHA Pod/Webcasts

EMS Blog Link: Street Watch: Notes of a Paramedic

EMT invents new tool for taking notes on patient
Earthquake ravaged Indonesia needs Emergency Medical Help
Drug Mixture Overdoses Still a Problem
Two Canadian Paramedics Memorialized
Bird Flu Concerns in New Indonesian Cases
Birth Complications linked to Assisted Reproduction Tech

Special this week — an interview with Dr. Fran Babiss of the Mental Health Missives Podcast. It’s the end of National Mental Health Month and the theme this year is Educate Yourself, Educate Your Community.

No Med of the Week this week

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“No More Summertime Blues” by Geoff Smith
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